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We can't think of a more unique and purposeful gift to give someone this Valentines Day then one of our gardening courses. Take courses with people of shared interests, with great food and drink, and the highest quality information on designing and installing gardens and landscapes. Don't just give someone a gift, give them an experience to show your love! 

the essential kitchen garden course 3:
the glory garden

February 18
@ Healdsburg SHED

The Edible Garden

april 9
@ Cornerstone Sonoma

the new california garden

March 26
@ Cornerstone Sonoma


This class will focus on principles and practices necessary for setting up a successful, healthy late season vegetable garden. We will start with discussing site analysis, garden design, and how to build efficiencies into your garden. We'll cover healthy soil development, soil fertility, maintenance and till vs no-till methods, as well as the following:

•   understanding plants and their seasons
•   succession planting
•   plant quality and proper planting techniques
•   irrigation systems
•   weed, pest, and disease prevention and control
•   production troubleshooting
•   mixing in ornamentals

The course will focus on organic, ecologically sound practices.

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