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Designing for habitat
@ Marin art & garden center

may 6,2017

Habitat gardens are gardens of life. Containing a profusion of flowers and foliage, they create the feeling of sanctuary around us and sustaining wildlife. Dueling hummingbirds, iridescent blue birds, Hapropoda bees zipping like spaceships through the manzanitas, and Osmia bees in the Phacelias are just a few to greet a garden stroll.

Flowers provide nectar and pollen nutritional resources that adult beneficial insects, bees and butterflies require. Shrubs and trees provide birds with plant structural diversity to nest and perch, and seeds and berries to feed on. Over 90% of birds feed their young insects, so where there are enough insects for fledglings, there is more potential for successful nesting. Let's fill your garden with bees, birds, butterflies and more!


course features


This course will focus on how to set up and structure your habitat garden and what plants to design with.
Course topics include:

  • Site Analysis
  • Soil health/irrigation
  • Wildlife overview
  • Natives vs. Non native plants
  • plant varieties
  • Seasonality
  • Design

Instruction will focus on organic, ecologically sound practices appropriate to our dry summer climate.

We are excited to offer this course with the Marin Art & Garden Center in their beautiful wildlife-friendly garden setting. Delicious pastries and coffee will be served.

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Marin art & garden center
30 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard
Ross, CA 94947


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