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successful Soils & Irrigation: The Most Important Class ever
@ Healdsburg shed

february 4, 2018

Wondering why we gave the title of this class such a bold title? Because its true! We have noticed that in every class we teach no matter the subject, students have more questions regarding soil and irrigation than any other topic. Without proper soil and irrigation development our gardens can only go so far despite our best efforts and intentions. Soil health and irrigation are too often overlooked in our garden planning and maintenance, and can often feel overwhelming.
Healthy soil creates healthy plants, yet what is healthy soil and how do we create it? What are the best types of compost and mulch for each garden situation and plant type?
Irrigation is essential to any garden or landscape, but how does it all work? Different plant categories such as vegetables, containers, perennials, shrubs, and trees each require different approaches to soil development and watering. This truly is, the most important class EVER!


course features


Learn the practical, simple secrets to success with soil and irrigation systems. This class will focus on the fundamentals of soil building and designing the right irrigation system.

Soil topics include:
- defining your soil
-till & no-till systems
-amending & mulching

Irrigation topics include:
- defining components of a system
- choosing the best type of irrigation
- timers & scheduling

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